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Blankkini swimwear – בלנקיני בגד ים


?What do you mean when you say “tan-through suit”

Okay, a short lesson on UV radiation! The sun’s rays are comprised of good radiation (UVA), which increases the synthesis of vitamin D and creates a long lasting tan, and “not so good” rays (UVB), which causes sunburns. Blankkini’s swimsuits allow for 75% of the sun’s rays to reach your skin. Of that 75%, 85% are UVA and 15% are UVB. This ensures that you’ll get a uniform, long lasting tan with almost no tan lines. 

?Is the fabric form fitting and elastic

During the development process of our Smart Fiber fabric, it was important for us that we maintain all of the characteristic features of swimsuit fabric and even establish a new industry standard. The result is a fabric that is 20% more elastic than any other fabric in the industry and dries three times faster. Our fabric is form fitting, refreshing, lightweight and pleasant to the touch.

?Is the uniform tanning immediate

For most of us, different skin tones and tan lines are the result of years of sun exposure in specific areas and less exposure or none at all in others. So while Blankkini’s suits allow about 90% of the good rays (UVA) to go through the suit, it takes about 3-4 good beach days to achieve a uniform tan. Of course, the number of sessions necessary to get a good, even tan varies from person to person.  In order to get an even tan, it’s important to put on sunscreen in all of the areas that aren’t covered by the bathing suit, especially during your first few times out in the sun with the suit.

?How should I take care of my new suit

Blankkini’s quality swimsuits are made with Smart Fiber, which holds up over time and is just fine to wash. Laundry instructions can be found on the label of each suit and we recommend that you hand wash your suit at 40 degrees Celsius.

?How do I purchase online
It’s really easy! Just enter the catalogue on the site or our Instagram page, choose your favorite swimsuit, pick the size that’s right for you, the matching bottom and the color and
print that you love and add them to your basket. When you’re done shopping, click “checkout”, type in your payment information and we’ll get your package on its way.
?What are the payment options
We accept all major credit cards and meet all information security standards for online payments. We also accept paypal payments.
?Do I have to open an account in order to place an order

You can purchase Blankkini’s swimsuits on our website as a “Guest” without signing in. If you don’t create an account, your information will not be saved on our site. We recommend that you open an account to make future purchases easier and get access to great deals and sales. It’s totally worth it.

?Can I make a purchase over the phone

Absolutely. We’re here for you. Just call us at +972-3-6391613 and our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in the purchasing process using a credit card. The service center is open Sunday-Thursday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM.

?Can I pay in installations
Can I pay in installations?
Up to 70 USD in one payment. 
Up to100 USD in two equal payments. 
Up to 150 USD in three equal payments. 
Up to 250 USD in four equal payments. 
Beyond 250 USD you can pay in 5 equal payments.
?What is blankkini shipping policy
If your order is over 300 NIS, shipping is on us via Israel Postal Service standard shipping. Packages take up to 14 business days to arrive. We have an express shipping option for an additional charge of 50 NIS and your package will arrive within 5 business days (but typically arrives within 3). 
If your order is less than 300 NIS, the shipping is 30 NIS for standard shipping and 50 NIS for express shipping. In most cases, shipment is via Israel Postal Services, however we sometimes use alternative shipping options. Packages are sent via Israel Post courier services from door to door based on the list that appears on the Israel Post website here.
?How long until I get my order

Dying to head down to the beach with your stunning new swimsuit and get some tanning in? We’re doing everything we can to make sure that your suit arrives as soon as possible and we promise that your delivery will be at your doorstep within 14 business days of your order with free shipping. If you want express delivery, we totally understand. Your package will be at your door within 5 business days after you place your order. Want to hear more? Log into your account to see your order status.

?Can I change my delivery information

Do you want to change your delivery address or change your shipping method? Not a problem. Contact us as soon as possible using one of the methods on our Contact Us  page and our customer service representatives will help you with everything you need (Tel. 03-6391613, Sunday-Thursday, 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM). If your package has not yet gone out for delivery, we will be happy to change the shipping details. If the package is already on its way, you will need to contact the Israel Postal service to change your delivery information.

?I want to add additional items to my shipment – how do I do it

Hungry for more gorgeous swimsuits and just can’t wait for a second shipment? No problem. Contact our customer service representatives by phone and if your package hasn’t gone out yet, we’ll be happy to add more items before we ship it. If your package has already been shipped, you’re welcome to place a new order free of charge as long as the first delivery hasn’t yet arrived. 

Returns and Exchanges
Did you purchase a bathing suit and want to switch it for a different style? You’re welcome to exchange your suit within 5 days of receiving your delivery. The suit must still have its original tags, hygiene stickers, etc. and cannot have been worn/washed. 
In order to exchange a product for a different product, contact us using one of the methods that appear on the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to make the exchange if the product is in stock. Exchanges cost a 50 NIS shipping fee. After we receive the payment (by credit card only) we will send you a package with your new suit and when you receive it, you will give the courier the first suit that you wish to exchange. 
Keep in mind that if you don’t have the suit you want to exchange when the courier arrives, you will not be able to receive the new suit but you will still be charged for shipping and you will not be able to make another exchange. Also, if you return the suit and it cannot be resold (due to the fact that the suit has been worn/washed or the tags/hygiene stickers have been removed) you will be charged for the second suit.
?What about cancellations

You can cancel your order if it has not yet left our facilities.

?What size am I
It’s very simple. You can find your size based on your measurements using our size chart.
?Can I come and try the suit on

Want to feel the fabric and pick out the perfect pattern for you like you used in the old days? Come to our studio in Ramat Aviv (4 Aba Kovner St., Tel Aviv). Make sure to call ahead so our stylist can be sure to give you all the attention you deserve.

?Can I purchase aGift-Card

Yes, of course. How can there not be when Blankkini is the best present ever for your best friend, daughter or anyone you love? Blankkini gift cards can be loaded with any value and are available for immediate use. Click here