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Our Story

We all know that when we strive for that perfect all-over tan, it involves a complex pattern of strategic manoeuvring of our straps and bottoms, not to mention the need to move with the angle of the sun. Well not any more. Blankkini’s swimsuits will redesign your tan lines and redefine your enjoyment and comfort in the sun while sunbathing, swimming and doing sports.

Bringing together the expertise of professionals from around the world over the course of three intense years, Blankkini has finally submitted its very own patent: A tan-through swimsuit that allows for the penetration of the sun’s tanning rays while offering protection from burning.

Our design team comprised of an outstanding group of global swimsuit and fabric designers who worked together to fuse the pinnacle of swimsuit fashion with the dream of a line-free tan.

Sounds perfect huh? But there’s more! Our cutting-edge Smart Fiber technology makes Blankkini’s swimsuits 20% more elastic and flexible than any other fabric available in the industry. The result is a form-fitting and slimming swimsuit with breathable Dry Fit technology that is lightweight, refreshing, and dries three times faster than standard swimwear. And more importantly, this unique fabric has proved to have excellent durability and endurance when it comes to the challenges of sun, chlorine and salt.

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